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As a trainer, first of all, I’m trying to change mindsets in medical area. As we know, everything is moving forward and evolving faster and faster, and the medical world, in particular, has changed enormously in the patient's approach, mostly in the understanding of the pain mechanism and dialogue with the patient. I try to share with enthusiasm and critical approach all the information I have gleaned from all over the world. The most important for me is to highlight the advances in our scientific world rather than criticize the old methods. The ultimate goal of the training courses and congresses is to move forward together by creating transversal support between the various medical and paramedical specialists for the wellbeing of the patient.

Explanation and understanding of orofacial pain

Short training with the objective to understand physiopathology of orofacial pain

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The goal is to have a theoretical and practical approach of the assessment of this muscular joint

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Assessment and explorations of headaches

2-day training to improve the anamnesis and clinical examination

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2-day training in theoretical and practical approach of TMD treatments

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Cervical spine

2-day training to better assess and treat neck pain

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Lumbar spine

2-day training in managing and understanding low back pain

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3-day training that will allow you to treat and manage upper limb pathologies

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Management of chronic pain

2 days courses about the management of any patient requires understanding and dialogue

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3-day training in assessment and treatment of the lower limb

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