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Treatment of Orofacial pain

As I followed a lot of national and international courses in various techniques and visions in clinical reasoning, I can take care of treatment and follow-up of any disorder in TMJ, as well as any post operation of the facial sphere.
I can also understand and bring my clinical reasoning vision to any atypical orofacial pain.

What are my concrete skills?
- Evidence Based Assessment and Treatment of TMJ disorders
- Management of a facial post operation
- Complementary approach to orofacial pain
- Atypical pain treatment,
- Atypical otalgia
- Tinnitus
- Recurrent dizziness
- Cervicogenic dizziness

Treatment of headaches

Thanks to my intensive training in orofacial pain and TMJ treatments, I can also evaluate and treat some of the headaches.
I decided a few years ago to fully focus and reinforce my skills in this area through training, neurology conferences, follow-up consultations in neurology.
The management that is proposed to treat headaches is really based on a multidisciplinary team, aiming at designing concrete treatment plan and over a mid-term or long term.

What can I do for patients with headaches? What kind of support can I bring to medical professionals?

- Understanding of headaches
- Concrete scientific assessment of the patient to qualify: migraines, tension typeheadaches and cervicogenic headaches
- Possible decrease in intensity and frequency of headaches
- Highlighting treatment and self-exercises to help patients