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Romain Giop

Physiotherapist - Manual therapist

The question I am often asked: "Why did you choose this specialty?"

I think there is no real clear answer, I first made a "classic tour” of training in Belgium as soon as I was graduate of the University of Liège. But I did not always feel in line with the speech or treatment concepts of some trainers. So, I decided to go abroad to collect information about other visions and concepts. I decided to seek the source of scientific breakthroughs by attending major world congresses. I especially understood and accepted that it was crucial to question oneself, to keep a philosophy of "evidence base medicine". I consider as fundamental pillars for a right treatment: to be true in front of the patient, to listen to him and to remain in a rigorous scientific approach. I try to have in my network some famous specialists in physiotherapy, as well to be always present at major conferences and advanced training.

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Because of my experience and the multitude of specialists that I had the chance to meet, I saw an opportunity to go further in my research process as well as in my approach to promote quality within my profession, and to highlight the real value of the Evidence Base Medicine for patients with migraine.
I am currently doing a PhD :  thorough musculoskeletal assessment of patients with migraine and concrete proposal of a treatment plan in physiotherapy.