I teach your staff in your company what ergonomics are. This 4 hours course can be adjusted according to your needs, for example a short-awareness workshop of 1H30.


The goal of this type of course is to sensitize staff to the signals of their body, allowing them to anticipate the risk of injury, with the ultimate aim for you as an entrepreneur, to ensure the well being of your staff. Register your staff to this ergonomics course program will prove them that their health and well being is one of your main concerns.


This training is all the more relevant and rigorous as it is based on the practice of my profession as a therapist in private cabinet. This course integrates the maximum technical and theoretical skills and practices from my field experience.

I first describe all the troubles encountered by most of my patients and I explain to your staff why and how these problems occur.


Afterwards I sensitize your staff to take themselves in charge, show them how to reduce the risk of injury in the lumbar spine and the shoulder when handling loads or making repetitive movements. Last but not least, I teach your staff how to prevent such disorders with small practical exercises that I also teach my patients in my private practice.


I finish my vision of ergonomics reminding how prevention is better than cure, so be attentive to your body.